Sliding Cap Socket Combine Wireless Charging OEUP033

Sliding Cap Socket Combine Wireless Charging OEUP033

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Item specifics

  • Warranty 1 year
  • Material ABS plastic and aluminum alloy
  • Dimension 356x345.5x157.5mm
  • Color Black
  • Socket 3 Universal Socket - USB A/C - 1 Wireless charge base (adaptor not included)


High-end tabletop power socket with full functions and utilities for offices, meeting rooms, conference rooms. The design is optimized with a hidden slide that does not affect the usable area of ​​the tabletop. Installing under the table increases the aesthetics of the office and protects the life of the power supply.

Built-in wireless charging under the table with delicate tempered glass surface

The rubber slide is smooth and quiet. Roll up to the socket body for easy operation in any position

The deep design helps to place the charger completely without being exposed 

The perfect electrical solution for office desks, enhancing aesthetics, bringing elegance and sophistication to the office.

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