Ergonomic desk accessories

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Electric socket and wireless charger

1,280,000 2,200,000

FEATURED OF ELECTRIC SOCKET AND WIRELESS CHARGE The socket have all power connections which you need,  wireless quick charge, USB A, USB C and universal socket around the side and at the bottom.- Hole cut on desktop: 120- Wireless charge on top 15W- USB Type A 5V/ Type C 3.1A..


Clamp socket

800,000 1,330,000

Socket clamp on desktop If you're worried about having to drill the desktop power wiring, this socket is the best choice. Simple installation with clamp on the desktop. You can easily operate the power plug for mobile devices. The socket is finished with fireproof plastic and high-grade aluminum alloy.Information of socket:- Dimension: D310xR5..


Cable Tray WH600

350,000 450,000

ĐẶC ĐIỂM NỔI BẬT MÁNG ĐỠ DÂY ĐIỆN WH600Máng đỡ dây điện dành cho bàn làm việc giúp cho bạn có không gian bên dưới bàn làm việc trở nên gọn gàng, ngăn nắp hơn.Máng đỡ dây điện WH600 được thiết kế dập các sóng với chất liệu thép chịu lực dày lên đến 1.5mm có khả năng đỡ toàn bộ dây điện và các phụ kiện Adaptor, ổ cắm điện bên dưới bàn làm việc.Với c..


Cable tray

580,000 850,000

FEATURED OF CABLE TRAY WH1000Cable tray keep your socket and cable orderly under your desk.Material is steel have thickness up to 1.5mm, it can keep all your socket, adaptor and cable of all your device on your desk.The wide is 120mm, it can keep big socket. The height is 160mm, you can be easy manipulation on it.The front side is de..


CPU holder

950,000 1,500,000

FEATURED OF CPU HOLDER CH101CPU holder keep your CPU safe avoid damaged by a spill or flip, saving your space or desktop.Thick steel and intelligent design, CPU holder is easy hang  your CPU, the load weight up to 15Kg.It is designed to easy adjust to fix any size of CPU.Easy hang and take off your CPU by a latch.CPU holder comb..


Height adjustable footrest

420,000 500,000

KEY FEATURES OF ERGONOMIC FOOTREST F6031Ergonomic footrest has adjustable height and tilt angle to help you stay focused on work while your feet are comfortably relaxed.Designed with no installation required, easy for usingABS plastic materialResizable design with flexible clasps that expand horizontally and in height to meet most user needs..


Cable arrangement

330,000 550,000

FEATURED OF CABLE ARRAGEMENT CMP-017High quality ABS smooth surface It is made by interconnected links, the cable arrangement can be easy bent in all directions when the table move up or down.The bottom end is designed to have a certain weight to help the whole cable arrangement can be shaped without having to be fixed to the floor. ..


Ergonomic keyboard tray

1,100,000 1,500,000

FEATURED OF KEYBOARD TRAY KT101Keyboard tray keep your Keyboard  under desktop, saving your space of desktop and you can adjust any angle suitable when you sitting or standingThick steel and intelligent design, Keyboard tray can keep the keyboard and mouse, the load weight up to 1Kg.It is can keep both keyboard and mouse with a ..


Wheel for ergonomic desk

330,000 530,000

When you have a ergonomic desk and need to move any places in your room, You need to upgrade this wheel for your desk. There are dual wheel and have 2pcs lock make fix the desk easy.Soft PU protect your floor even wood floor, smooth moving.Easy install with key combined...

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