Flexispot Ergonomic keyboard tray KT101

Flexispot Ergonomic keyboard tray KT101

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Item specifics

  • Load weight 1Kg
  • Dimension 664x245mm
  • Color Black


Keyboard tray keep your Keyboard  under desktop, saving your space of desktop and you can adjust any angle suitable when you sitting or standing

Thick steel and intelligent design, Keyboard tray can keep the keyboard and mouse, the load weight up to 1Kg.

It is can keep both keyboard and mouse with a wrist rest for maximum comfort while typing.

The keyboard tray provides the best position for your wrists and arms, whether sitting or standing. Stave off chronic pain and enjoy a healthier, happier workspace!.

Lift/Release function and Positive/negative tilt are supported, making it easy to adjust the tray to the perfect position for you.

Slides under the desk allow you stow the keyboard tray completely underneath the desk when not in use.

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