Ergonomic desk frame ERD-1200 (Flexispot ET112-N) no desktop

Ergonomic desk frame ERD-1200 (Flexispot ET112-N) no desktop

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Item specifics

  • Adjust range 710-1.210mm
  • Load weight 70kg
  • Speed lift 25mm/s
  • Suitabe desktop Long: 1.000-1.600mm Wide: 500-800mm
  • Wide 850-1.290mm
  • Noise <50dB
  • Standby power <0.5W
  • Finish Powder coating
  • Warranty information 3 years
  • Oparetion AC 100V-240V, 50/60Hz


If you need small Ergonomic desk frame for your limited space, ERD-1200 is the best choice, Its design is T feet, the frame is putted on center make it more stable even your thin desktop. It's come with single motor but it can work to 70Kg and lift speed 25mm/s, the keypad has 3 position memories and also have alarm to remind you charge you postion.

Rectangular columns are optimal the space but not less stable

Small side will be putted vertical which is optimal the space

The desk with step motor can adjust accurate to mm the height and display on LED, It is modern and visual.

With low cost, but the table does not ignore the step motor to provide the ability to change and display the height accurately every millimetres

Modern keypad has 3 position memories and LED display

Keypad can remember 3 position, it enough for you sitting, standing and presentation. Also have alarm button to remind you change your postion if you forgot it.

You can uprate Anti-collision for desk

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