Ergonomic Gaming Desk & Chair

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Ergonomic Gaming Desk ERD-2300B

11,000,000 13,200,000

FEATURED OF ERGONOMIC GAMING DESK ERD-2300If you find height adjustable desk (ergonomic) more Stable and large adjust range, ERD-2300  is perfect choice. It is designed T leg with center cross bar make the best stable  even 18mm thickness desktop. Dual motor can work perfect to 100kg weigh..


Ergonomic gaming chair Sihoo M89

3,350,000 3,530,000

FEATURED OF ERGONOMIC GAMING CHAIR SIHOO M89it is designed for gaming chair but still gives you a comfortable feeling, minimize stamina and physical discomfort, thereby maximizing efficiency, and improving health.FWhat is different Ergonomic gaming design?All the parts of chair are ergonomic designedBackrest is ergonomic design..

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