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Ergohuman Luxury Ergonomic Chair

19,000,000 25,000,000

 ĐẶC ĐIỂM NỔI BẬT GHẾ VĂN PHÒNG ERGOHUMAN LUXURYGhế văn phòng Công Thái Học Cao Cấp Ergohuman Luxury từ hãng Comfort nổi bật trong các dòng ghế văn phòng công thái học với khung lư..

Ergonomic Chair Herman Miller Aeron 2

22,500,000 31,500,000

FEATURED OF ERGONOMIC CHAIR HERMAN MILLER AERON 2Ergonomic to the core, Aeron was designed for all types of human bodies. For almost 30 years, they’ve been perfecting it so that it’s not only good f..

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Ergonomic office chair

How is correct ergonomic sitting?

A lot of people ask me this question "How is correct ergonomic sitting", to do that first you must have ergonomic chair, desk and some accessory... and then you must practice the habit of sitting in the correct position

The biggest advantage of the Ergonomic chairs is the comfort for the occupants. At the same time, it also helps us to prevent damage to the body to improve work performance. Compared with having to work on traditional rigid office chairs, Ergonomic chairs with curved back design, multi-way adjustable design to support arms, ... will be much more popular. Thanks to these designs, users will not have back pain and spine diseases when they have to sit and work for a long time.

  • The seat is covered with cool mesh, suitable for hot summer weather, easy to clean, and durable

  • Beautiful design is also an indispensable advantage when aesthetic demand is increasing

Ergonomic chairs must have following factors:

  • Dynamic adjustable headrest to suit your height;

  • The backrest design curves like your spine and hugs your back when you lean on it;;

  • Lumbar dynamic adjustable to suit your waist, in addition to be firm enough to feel supported when you put on it;

  • The armrest is height-adjustable, plus it's dynamic adjustable for support as you work on your computer;

  • Seat base with foam material, the density of particles must be high, combined with mesh fabric you will feel a bit stiff, but this helps the durable chair not to collapse and reduce heat when you sit for a long time. If the mesh material must choose a high-quality mesh that can withstand high tensile forces. Seat curvature design is also a point to pay attention to to bring comfort;

  • The chair has the ability to adjust the height to suit your condition;

  • The back of the chair can lock the tilt angle in case the table wants to relax;

  • And finally, a chair leg that is stable enough so that when you fall off, you don't have to worry about falling.

When you know about it, we hope you can choose right the chair for yourself.

Make your workplace healthier is our mission

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