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Ergonomic desk ERD-2300BZ (Flexispot ET223BZ) Desktop combined

8,960,000 11,100,000

FEATURED OF ERGONOMIC ERD-2300BZIf your space is near the wall, corner or opposite lines, ERD-2300BZ is the best choice, It is designed C leg makes clear zone at under the desk. Dual motor can load to..

Ergonomic Desk - Smart Lifting Table ERD-2300F (Flexispot ET223) Desktop combined

13,300,000 15,000,000

HIGHLIGHTS OF INTELLIGENT LEVELING FLIP TABLE - STANDING WORK TABLE WITH FLIP TABLE ERGONOMIC ERD-2300F (Flexispot ET223)With small rooms or working corners, shopping and arranging smart items, saving..

Ergonomic desk ERD-2300 (L frame) Desktop combined

10,930,000 11,930,000

FEATURED OF ERGONOMIC ERD-2300DL (ET223)If you Ergonomic desk frame for your corner working, ERD-2300DL is the best choice, Its design for L shape desktop, Dual motor can work perfect to 125kg&..

Live stream desk ET223 (4 columns)

22,380,000 28,380,000

FEATURED OF LIVE STREAM DESK ET223DualET223Dual is the best choice, It is designed Dual Desktop. Every dual motor can load to 250Kg with low noise <50dB and high speed 38mm/s.The column is square w..

Ergonomic desk ERD-2300 (4 columns) Oak desktop

21,380,000 24,380,000

FEATURED OF ERGONOMIC ERD-2300BZDualERD-2300BZDual is the best choice, It is designed Dual Desktop. Every dual motor can load to 250Kg with low noise <50dB and high speed 38mm/s.The column is squar..


550,000 650,000

FEATURED OF ERGOLIFE DESKTOPAN CUONG MDF Moisture resistant or Natural bamboo make the durable for every day using and cleaning...

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Ergonomic office desk

The normal day of our week .....

Sitting for hours on end and continuously is one of the biggest health threats to modern lifestyles. Too much sitting, sedentary lifestyle reduces metabolism, increases the risk of diabetes, heart disease, weight gain, obesity and premature death.

Incorporating more poses and movement while working using a ergonomic desk, might be the solution you're looking for. Ergonomic desks are height-adjustable desks that allow you to alternate between sitting and standing at the desk while working.

The biggest advantage of Ergonomic desk is easy adjust the height fix for any physical condition of any people, Also easy change between sitting and standing for working.

We recommend Ergonomic Desk must have following factors:

- The height is ready easy adjustable by click button, memories system is the best choice;

- The height range is must suitable for you in while sit and stand working;

- Stable is important, it is be less vibrate when work on;

- The noise is less if you setup in your bedroom;

- And some the add on functions ex: child lock, alarm, anti-collision ...

When you know about it, we hope you can choose right the Desk for yourself.

Make your workplace healthier is our mission

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